Monday, June 02, 2008

A Challenge?

SS : ure writing as first in ure a muslim girl la kan


AA : adeh

SS : then?

SS : i confused

AA : it's a malay muslim guy daa.. Salehan is a malay guy name

AA : it's not a lesbian story!

SS : lol

SS : i was hoping it was

SS : i think u should write that

SS : one day

AA : (if i do, i'll get a bad reputation)

SS : write a story of self struggle

SS : cos honestly i think u have the flair for it

SS : i usually analyse my essays on identity

SS : but i cant write a story abt it

SS : haih

AA : i can do it when i'm famous

AA : but truth is, an aspiring writer

AA : as in many other professions, have to adhere to norm

AA : kena go with the flow dulu, gain a good name and reputation, then ppl would be more receptive and less prone to condemn, however controversial one's work is

SS : write it anonymously la

SS : a muslim iran or something

SS : that would be freaking awesome la seriously

SS : how she deals as a woman, lesbian, feminist, yet still on some level feeling guilty, doubtful of her own identity

SS : ok..but make sure u write that one day!!

SS : ill be the first to buy

SS : besok if i have money ill fund ur book if u write abt that

AA : haha baiklah baiklah

SS : allright dah habis

AA : ok

SS : i think its good..

SS : but i have a feeling u could go further?

SS : hehe

SS : when i read it it read like the contemporary malay literature mase zaman sekolah

SS : as in...the monologues..

SS : were a do i put it..

AA : ceramah-y

AA : ?

AA : haha

SS : i wouldve thought the monologues should be even more complex la

SS : seems a bit simple and reduced..

AA : i have to limit the length

AA : 12 pages double-spacing is actually the general max

AA : the quickest way to put things would be by simply blurting them out like that

SS : yeah...i guess so

AA : (comment noted, hehe)

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who else... said...

If Salehan is a girl, the story would be so atrocious to a point that it should be put straight away in the recycle bin lol. But I always grapple with whom the first person narrator is, in some of your stories. Like after a page only then it makes sense and I have to reread again to make sure that I understand the opening. I don't know, maybe it's just me, or maybe you might want to think about it.

Btw, I think it's stupid to write on something hot like a lesbian story just because it is hot. It's like going into a debate just because you want to overpower your opponent or your ego is being challenged - pretty pointless. Unless of course, if you have real concern about the issue that you want to bring up.

Anyway, if you do write about it at some point, make sure you know a real life lesbian lol! I'm pretty sure that factor will make the story stand out, just like this one =D

Whenever I read it, I have to remind myself that a story is just a story ;) But maybe it shaded some light on certain issues.