Monday, June 30, 2008



I would be thinking of a multitude of things to write,
but when I face the computer and put my fingers on the keyboard,
my head felt chock-full of still water, and sometimes, it'll start to swim inside itself.


Perhaps screaming with my siblings and watching cartoons back-to-back is indeed the best thing to do now. Although I'm starting to get bored doing nothing. And Malaysia is much too hot and stuffy to go out much... I play badminton in the lawn when it's less than an hour before sundown.

The news are also much too annoying to be paid attention to.

The home is still without Internet or phone line. I'm trying hard to not shout anything rude to the Telekom operator who kept giving an 'estimated time' for the network to be recovered every time a report is made.

By the way, a few nights back, close to midnight, a thud was heard on the streets in front of my gate. My father went to check and returned with the news that it was a car hitting a cat. Of course, the cat was no longer alive.

Headaches. Eye-aches.

I know I need to see a GP about these eyes. Most probably it's something to do with the tear ducts, they've been troubling me for about two years and the attacks are more frequent these few months. Well, the GP can wait until I get back to the UK where I'll be straining them the worst.

Nothing constructive in this post. Creative and analytical thoughts are saved for other writings that are not meant for online viewing - yet. And even those are hard to coax out.


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Amiene Rev said...

Hayakallah, Kak Adibah.

How are you?