Friday, April 04, 2008

Of Changes


People change.
They grow taller, thinner, fatter (God forbid!), prettier, gentler, plumper.
They lose their grouchiness, gain gravity and grace, or convert into an introvert after years of self-identifying as an extrovert.

They undergo transformations of thoughts - they may agree fervently on a particular matter for a time, and gradually found more and more reason to think otherwise, as time goes by. It's very normal, however drastic the change of principles, of stands, of opinions, might be.

Only, the thing is, if one writes one's thoughts for the public to view, the changes would be clearly visible, and may bring judgements. Apparently matters which doesn't seem private initially can also involve issues of privacy.

But then again, waddaheck.


(Sometimes, I do write aimlessly. I'm aimless, am I not? Aimless. And I'm not supposed to have a voice, not supposed to lead anywhere, because I'm aimless. Like a stray cat. Anyone who doesn't follow convention, by convention, SOMEONE'S CONVENTION, is AIMLESS. How beautiful that word is.)


I couldn't wait for you to return, then we can laugh and cry and laugh and cry and laugh again at the laughable world, and our laughable selves!

Memang aimless punya tulisan. =D



Anonymous said...

Aimless is FUN! Why worry in the first place...

anonymous_again said...

Whatdaheck.. haha.. right on the dot. Short form nye WTH.