Friday, June 22, 2007

oppression of women?


I've put a link to a news-bulletin - presumably originating from Australia, considering the title of the bulletin - that describes and bemoans the 'Islamically-justified' maltreatment of women in a supposedly Islamic environment. It was so thought-provoking that I put it in my chatbox for all my intelligent and sensitive readers out there to ponder on and perhaps draw some conclusions.

Well, a very interesting response was put in my chatbox by Taufik. I think there's a significant erudition in his analysis, worth a more coherent read than the down-to-up fragmented way in the chatbox.

wonder what happened to india? Surely one can't blame the manipulation of the Qur'an for the brutal killing of women at india too, right? Is it coincidence that pakistan was part of india?

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, n Nepal are all in the 'more men zone', so why didn't the writer highlight this and the possibility of a socio-custom related theory as can be seen by this geographical-related pattern? Same goes to the Africa continent and do note that 0.3% difference is so small (around 90k in 30 mill population), so the 'more men' and 'more women' division is actually more psychological rather than anything else.Owh, Malaysia has more men than women too, what went wrong? ops... I must say that it is shameful that Muslims all over the world are not practicing 'true Islam' to bring ourselves out of jahiliyah. Talking about Orwelian, just listen to Bush: “God told me to invade Iraq.” This war on terrorism, with no clear enemy, no clear end, and often for the benefits of the superpowers just smacks of Orwellian. After all "War is Peace", Mr. Bush and co. preach about that everyday in thier "War Against Terrorism" campaigns. "Freedom is slavery", just look at Guantanamo Bay and other Iraqis POW. "Ignorance is strength, well, where did Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair, n co. get support from? Rationalist can be biased too. Fikir dalam2.

Ah, talk about Orwell! Quite sadly, upon my arrival in Malaysia, i discovered that due to some sort of 'mengemas' work done at home, my '1984' is buried somewhere in my book-stash (one whole room of books and papers n whatnots). And since I've been busy reading other stuffs in my looong and tedious reading list, I've been postponing the excavation to retrieve my priceless books.

Other comments are very, very welcome as well. =)



Taufik said...
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Taufik said...

I wonder what's your oppinion on this matter too (It would be interesting to know). When you raised this matter, I hope you really have some plan of giving your own counter arguments in the future. Btw, you seems to have the habit of not answering comments ;)