Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds


**Am busy with coming exams. Sorry, will be able to write for this blog only and nowhere else - as a form of cathartic-therapy after gruelling hours of study - until the end of exams. All my presidents and advisors and whoever-it-is who has my vow of commitments, please bear with me, I'll try my best to fulfill them. **

**Perhaps my readers will see more of this kind of jumble-shamble entry, as the state of jumble-shamble in my mind increases. Nothing spiritually/ideologically chaotic, those has been settled alhamdulillah. It's all academic from now on.**

Library is my new refuge. Somewhere in the quiet chambers, away from the Life Sciences area, with plain wooden tables and chairs, racks laden with Chinese-inscribed books and manuscripts. And since I left almost at eleven, it crossed my mind that nothing beats the romance of walking down the deserted Burlington Street late at night, with the wind blowing cold and hard, while my four shadows trailed along my side under the yellow lights from the buildings overhead. It almost feels like traveling.

This is a piece of wisdom I found on the table.

Some see things as they are
and ask why
I see things as they should be
and ask why not
well, try to see things as they are and accept them
you'll be happier.

Suspiciously related to pre-exams hassles, or more likely, post-exams blues.

I found this notice pasted on the window at the Manchester Oxford Road train stop. Brightened my night.

Hm, any comments?

Beautiful rainbow, framed by the buildings and decorative lights over Grafton Street, Dublin. After some bits of shopping, Mus and I got caught in the rain, and as we braved through the drizzle, she looked up and said, "Dibah, look!" And it was lucky I didn't lose my head and jump up and down attempting to fly.

St Stephen's Green Park. It's funny how winter in this place looks like autumn at best. Flowers, green shiny leaves and verdant grass in mid-winter? Is it Dublin escaping from the clutches of the north wind, or is it global warming?

Camp-fire. Mount Melleray Scout's Camp. Time for us to bash the facilitators and organizers. I didn't say anything cruel, honestly.

Me with the girls in my group, during PUISI. Just after the ice-breaking 'war'. You know, the old 'guarding your newspaper-area with all your might' game. Same trick still works to build ukhuwah and strain your vocal cords (and your biceps, triceps, deltoids, brachioradii..and so on.. and so forth...).

Me with girls in my group, during PMS. This is after the Treasure Hunt, I think. We've just managed (or were we still vainly trying?) to compose and choreograph our group cheer, "ingat lima sebelum limaaaa"

I took this photo a few months ago. Sheer beauty. Subhanallah. It's Lake District, somewhere up north England.

Yeah, and finally, looking at this photo - taken on the last day of PUISI, in Mount Melleray Scouts' Camp during its 'LOST : Finale' game, I think the time spent waiting for the other groups ahead of us in queue to finish at the checkpoint might be better used to create some solid memorabilia - no one would've been able to guess how many days I made do without hot baths. (And in the wintry UK, at least for me, the equation is no hot bath = no bath)

A space in your prayers for all facing exams, especially me. =p


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