Friday, September 05, 2008

power, restraints and ambitions


The first time I viewed this episode, I was practically mesmerized by Itachi's speeches - and a certain someone, maybe a few someones but with one particular person reigning dominance - came to mind. I don't know if he/she would understand if he/she read this entry, but well, I don't need him/her to understand.

And that individual is not the only matter that came to mind then (and now), either.
(To that particular person : Awak bila nak balik UK ni? Saya dah tiga bulan tak bergaduh dengan awak! Mana birthday wish?)

I couldn't find a way to paste part of the video, so I put a link to it, but the section I found most captivating would be from 12:16 – 19:14.

Naruto Episode 129 - Dattebayo

Shinobi are always hated by othes, so it’s not a surprise.

It happens when you are skilled. Power causes you to become isolated and arrogant. In the beginning, you only aim for what you dream of.

You shouldn’t judge others by their appearances and your preconceptions.

It’s just as I said earlier.You shouldn’t judge others by their appearances and your preconceptions. You thought that I would be patient. The clan…all of you, without measuring your own capacity, had no idea of mine. And you lie here, defeated.

You focus on your group, you focus on your clan. These kinds of things should be done away with, as they restrain us and our capabilities. Also, things we have not seen yet and things that we do not know yet. It is foolish to fear them.

To reach the height … My capacity. I’ve lost all hope for this pathetic clan.

You forget what is most important to you because you’re not letting go of a lesser thing, the clan. There is no room for change if rules and regulations, expectations and wishes, prevent it from happening.

salam ramadhan =)


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hana said...

kadang2 anime bknlah satu hiburan semata-mata.penuh penghayatan..mcm terkena batang hidung sendiri je.asyik memandang hal remeh(yg diperkirakan sgtla besar)dan melupakan hal2 besar.salah satu sbb knp diri ini tak pernah berubah.
sesuatu tuk direnungi.